Location: Daintree

We woke up this morning for breakfast then set out for a morning of work in the rainforest. To kill an invasive species of grass in the rainforest, we stomped on it and crushed it so it could be later killed with chemicals. We did this for hours, and after all our hard work we went for a refreshing swim in Mason’s swimming hole which has an awesome rope swing into a deep section of the water. After lunch back at the Bat House, it was back to work, this time clipping vines and sawing parts of dead trees to clear space for younger growing ones. Dan and I chopped down a huge section of a tree, and even though it was crazy, it was still pretty sweet. This was very hard work, and when we were done, we went back to the swimming hole to cool off. After a long day we had Mexican food for dinner, then relaxed by the warm fire pit.