Location: Daintree

This morning we woke up happy to have made it through our first night at the bat house, despite all the insects and noises of the rainforest. After a quick breakfast and an iguana sighting, we headed out to get acquainted with our surroundings. We walked to the beach where we hung out for a while in the nice weather. On our walk back we were all surprised to see a wild crocodile across the way from us on a sandbank! We took a moment to check it out and take pictures, then continued to check out what our service project was all about and what we would be doing. We met up with Phil, who is also working to restore the rainforest. He showed us all the different stages it takes to rebuild the rainforest, and we learned that today we would be stomping on grass and pulling out any not native plants. After being briefed on what we would be doing later, we headed back to the bat house for lunch soon after we began our service project and got a lot of work done in just an hour and a half! After doing some hard work in the rainforest, we went to a nearby watering hole where we could have a refreshing dip and swing in on a rope swing. It was a nice break to have after spending a hot day in the rainforest. To end our day we had eggplant lasagna back at the bat house. It was both a challenging and rewarding day!