Location: Charlestown, Nevis

We woke up early this morning, the kayakers and bikers headed off on their adventures. Gabe, Mo, Max, and Aiden headed off on a grueling 25-mile bike ride with some ice cream, and chocolate milk stops at the top, although tough all said it was worth it in the end. Blake headed out for kayaking, there were numerous kayak wars amongst the boats, but after the fun, they paddled over to a relaxing cove and rafted their boats together and finished with a nice meal at a café. The horseback riders, Jack, Hannah, Farrah, and Meghan, headed off to shore to get some food and explore before their journey started. Then they headed out to the horses and explored all throughout Nevis through fields and backroads on beautiful horses, and as of now we are preparing for a barbecue tonight with the other Minerva boat; Wind Shadow, and a movie night after that.