Location: Marina Cay

Halfway through our journey, the crew of Surprise has already enjoyed so many great experiences. From early on in the trip, everyone aboard has got really close, and the positive energy is just emanating from our boat. We have had so much fun getting to know each other and doing all these amazing things. By the way, there is no need to worry; the Surprise jokes have not gotten old yet. Ethan has kept us all on our toes with his quick wit and humor. He is excelling at diving and really enjoying every single dive we do. Everyone loves Hannah for her smiles, which never fades, and when asked what her favorite part of the day was, she will recall everything she did that day in chronological order. Jordan has emerged as one of the leaders aboard and has been helping out on the deck, always helping with sail raises and maneuvers. Heather’s knowledge of the underwater world is amazing, and diving with her is always a pleasure. Alex keeps us all laughing with his humor and…unorthodox dance moves. He also has been enjoying all the sail passages and spends most of his time on deck, sometimes asleep. Allie has such a great attitude and is so nice to everyone aboard. She made the mistake of making the staff bracelets, and now everyone wants one, but she is happy to make them all. Reade has become quite the scientist already and is really embracing everything we do in the Dolphin Program, and she has been working so hard at her research project. Peyton is also doing really well in all the marine biology and diving. By far, her favorite day so far was the day we saw a rainbow, ate PB&J, and saw Sam’s six-month-old baby. Peyton was so ecstatic that she cried tears of joy. Chris has grown a lot already as an individual and as a valuable team member during all the sailing. He also showed up all the staff by destroying us in a swim race. We shall update you with the results of the rematch, little does he know we have been practicing. Ute is quite the sailor and has spent a lot of time on the helm. Her favorite part of the day is always the sail passage of the day, even when it rains. JC has become friends with everyone aboard and has really opened up to the group. He is enjoying all the wreck dives we are doing, especially the airplane wreck we dove the other day. Hugh is always in good spirits and helps out with every job aboard. His experience and love for diving is very evident whilst underwater but continues to get more comfortable underwater every day. Kayla and her karaoke cooking skills have kept us all full of good food and laughs. She has become very interested in marine biology already, and the other day her favorite part of the day was dissecting starfish. As for us staff, this session has been amazing so far! We have never seen a boat get so close and work together so well. The energy onboard is wonderful! Everyone is always so positive and willing to work hard. This energy is translated to the staff, and all the shipmates say we are the best staff they have ever had. Marina is enjoying teaching the Neptune’s wreck and night diving, and they are all doing so well. Marina is thrilled that the shipmates enjoy country music as much as she does, and the dance parties aboard are endless. Alisa suffered from a cold during the first part of the trip and was unable to dive, but was able to finally get in the water yesterday and all the shipmates learned that you could scream, rather loudly, underwater. She is loving boat life and working with the shipmates. As for me, all the shipmates aboard and in the Dolphin Program are amazing. Everyone enjoys my fun fact of the day, usually about marine biology, and we have had a few late-night storytimes. You’ll have to ask about the wind chimes story if you think you can handle it…It’s no surprise we are all excited to cast off and get back out on the big blue. We can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for us in the back half of our journey.