Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today all of us shipmates awoke to music and the smell of cooking french toast. The AQ staff had a meeting this morning in Marina Cay, so we were trusted to be left alone for breakfast. We killed it, though, with everything cleaned up by the time Marina, Alisa, and Taylor got back. They arrived with great news…we get to dive the Chicuzen! We quickly grabbed our PFD’s and left Marina Cay for an hour and a half sail to the middle of nowhere in order to dive. The waters were rocky, but that didn’t prevent an amazing dive. The Dolphins dove with Taylor and the Neptunes with Alisa. The dive was phenomenal, and everyone ascended to the surface ecstatic after seeing some Black Tip Sharks…especially Christian. Once the whole crew was back on board, we dropped our mooring and set sail again back to land, or better yet, Muskmelon Bay. Everyone slept during the long sail, which provided lots of energy for our snorkel at Muskmelon Bay. I spotted a stingray skimming the ocean floor! After the snorkel, everyone hung out on board while the “brosidens” went water skiing. They got back just in time for dinner, which was broccoli cheddar pasta, salad, and biscuits. It was delicious! Currently, everyone is quickly cleaning up in order to get ready for our night dive. This is an awesome night as the boat becomes certified night divers, and we get brownookies (brownies and cookies).

Peace and Love Surprise Families