Location: Marina Cay

This morning we woke up to Alisa and Taylor, making us some bomb pancakes! After cramming our faces with some pancakes, we got some downtime to continue waking up. When Momma Marina got back to the boat from running errands, we took a long sail to Ginger Island to dive Mario’s Reef. But before we reached our destination, we went through a crazy rainstorm, where we all danced, sang and jumped on the bow of the boat, despite the cold, hard rain. After the storm had passed, the family stayed on the bow until we set up our dive gear. The Neptune’s went on a fun dive while the Dolphins started their first research dives… oh, and Alisa finally got to dive again for this session! By this point, it was only 11 o’clock in the morning, and we had already done so much, and then we headed back to port in Trellis Bay. We were in port for about two hours where we stocked up on snacks, shopped, and drank smoothies. After a very fun-filled day, we went back home (to the boat) to have dinner and then go to an intense Lifeworks session with Mike. We hung out for an hour before tortellini for dinner and cleaned up to some Beyonce.

Peace & Blessings SURPRISE