Location: West End, Tortola

Where did the time go? It’s our final night together as the Ross III squadron, and we’ve come so far, forming unique bonds that will forever last in our memories. As always with such experiences, the past three weeks feel like days, yet I feel as if I’ve been a part of the Rossi community for ages. I remember how green every shipmate was on the first day, clumsily adjusting to the new environment of life on the water, nervously growing in their skills onboard. But now they’re as salty as can be! Felipe constantly volunteering to monkey up the mast and get the cloth down, whilst Kate expertly helms the boat out of irons with well-earned confidence. Apart from feeling extremely pleased with their skills as competent mariners, I have witnessed these individuals grow comfortably into the family that is Rossi. Sydnei is more assertive than ever, cheering up the boat with her happy-go-lucky demeanor and permanent smile attached to her face. Or I could speak of Hannah’s confidence and quick wit, constantly creating group activities that have drawn us all closer. And because of this ambiance onboard, we have all been fortunate enough to witness Sam’s highly impressive dance moves and clever antics that have made us cry with laughter, especially as Hannah gets into maximum laugh mode. And speaking of doubling up the sides, Ethan’s comments have been consistently on fleek, while Alejandro rattles out business jokes and clips his Nalgene to the lifelines like nobody’s business! The music is blasting as I write this, and Kei is singing, laughing, and dancing around the boat, giving a merry vibe as she slaps a massive bright smile on her face. Today’s race really brought bout an enthusiastic end to the program as McKenna organized us with a cheery attitude, and John danced at the helm. But regardless of where we placed, we have never felt closer as we worked together to show Rossi some final love before freshening up for our last supper. Rossi crew, I’m going to miss each and every one of you, and I hope our paths cross at some point in the future. Never forget what you’ve gained in the last 20 days, I’ll never forget what you’ve given me. P.S. We are working on getting you your flag pieces!