Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today I am skipper, and there was a morning ski sesh that I had to miss due to cleaning purposes. But that didn’t matter because I enjoyed a well-deserved pancake breakfast. Then we sailed off to Road Town, which is the capital of the BVI. There I went to a stellar local restaurant called the Yum Yum Cafe and followed it with a missed ice cream. We met back at the boat at 1:45 and sailed to the Bight, which was cool because it was the place we stayed the first night. It was a great time because the staff had a meeting, and the crew got to take care of each other, feed each other, and help clean. Loud music was a must to help get us pumped to clean. All in all, it was a great unforgettable trip that I will hold close forever. Thanks, Rossi.