Location: West End, Tortola

And so session one on Return of the Macks comes to a close, and we are so sad to see all of our shipmates leave! Its been an awesome three weeks with every shipmate, watching them grow as a team and excel in sailing, scuba diving, and all other water sports has been a gift! Congratulations to all our shipmates who passed their IYT crew certifications – seeing new sailors like Charlie and Devon get comfortable behind the helm and helping out wherever they could as the crew was great to see. Also congratulations to all our advanced sailors who got their AQ advanced certs. Having Spencer, Peter, and Marin take on leadership roles during sail days was helpful to the whole boat, and what also got us our 3rd place finish on the final race! All the shipmates are now also Open Water Divers! We were so happy to see shipmates like Sydney, Eliza, and Betsy get so comfortable in the water and enjoy diving after some apprehension earlier on in the trip. We loved having Dakota and Alyana’s vibrant spirits aboard our boat, who were so keen to do any activity! It was great getting to know Ryan and see him find joy in all of the AQ activities. We will miss all our shipmates so much and hope the best future for all them, it been a lovely session!