Location: West End, Tortola

Today was day 20; the final day of the session. It was a bit of a sad day for our boat, as we had all bonded with one another and are now parting ways. Aside from us knowing that we would all be on a plane tomorrow, the crew enjoyed their day to the fullest. We woke up to hearing the morning CD play and had a hearty breakfast of cereal. After, we raised our sails and unfurled our jib and raced against the other boasts in the AQ fleet. Return of the Macks would sail from Norman Island to Road Town and turn around to race back to Peter Island. It was a tough race and the crew had to battle fierce whipping winds while reefing the sails. At the helm, I was struggling to keep us on course from the forces of mother nature. Macks came in third place out of seven boats competing. From Great Harbor, we used our ship’s motor to return to West End of Tortola- the place where we started our voyage. During the motor, we cleaned up our boat. packed, and unloaded garbage while in West End. We unwound with some shore time before having our final BBQ. The food was spectacular and we all ended the night with Director Mike giving one final talk. ActionQuest was an amazing experience and we all hope to use our sailing and scuba knowledge in our lives back at home.