Location: West End, Tortola

This session has been a phenomenal experience for each student and staff member on board. We had had many new experiences, which come with both successes and failures, but we were all able to persevere and overcome the challenges that we had on the boat. Each of us takes something different from this trip, whether a sailing or diving certification, something new about themselves or a skill like tying a bowline! We welcomed three new divers this session- Gabby, Nico, and Logan B. Jake, Hannah, Noemie, and Carlotta earned their advanced open water certification. A big congratulations are appropriate to them all, as well as the five that are now professional divers- Maddy, Leila, Logan K., Ryan, and Alex have all completed the divemaster course. The Vegas and Carinas also earned sailing certifications, we have all made new friends on our boat, and on others. Southern Accent has treated us well and made it possible to do all the amazing things over the past three weeks. We couldn’t have done it without the excitement of the shipmates and their willingness to learn and try new things.