Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Southern Accent woke up to the blaring sound of the morning CD, which is forever stuck in our heads. After a bowl of cereal, we sailed over to Salt Island where the wreck of the Rhone awaited us. The DMs were put to the test because they had to lead their first dive sans instructor. The dive consisted of several swim-throughs and several sightings. Some divers were fortunate enough to spot a nurse shark and a rather large turtle. After exploring the 135-year-old wreck, the Carinas and Vegas had time to prepare for their sailing theory exams. The DMs continued to lead dives as the Carina and Vegas walked up Salt Island with Monika to enjoy the 360 view of the BVI. Test hour fell upon us; last-minute review ensued. After the test was done, Southern Accenters met up for a relaxing sail back to Peter Island. During dinner, it was revealed that the DMs passed all their exams! Congratulations! We enjoyed a cup of teriyaki noodles with Nash and ended the day with a large boat cleanup/dance party. Tomorrow the Carinas and Vegas will hopefully find out how they did. After a stressful day, we gather together enjoying our final days.