Location: West End, Tortola

Today was quite an exciting day. We woke up in the Bight at Norman Island. We started the day with our final race. But mid-race we were forced to cancel the race due to a squall. At first, it was blue skies and sunshine, and then all of a sudden it began to pour. We safely made our way back to West End and began our boat appreciation. Entire boat clean up. We made the best of it, leaving Southern Accent to sparkle. We had a rainstorm interrupt our boat cleanup, but it only gave our deckies an easier job. After the boat was shimmering, we went to port for lunch and last minute shopping. Then showers and a delicious meal at Pusser’s. We ended the night with a dock chat with Mike, and he read us “Oh The Places You’ll Go.” A perfect way to end a perfect three weeks. Leaving all my friends from ActionQuest is sad. No matter what happens, Southern Accent will always be family.