Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Hello from the beautiful BVI! Here we are halfway through the trip with all the diving and sail training in full force. Here at the affectionately dubbed Mountain (of food) Point, shipmates work hard on their skills, so naturally, they go through a lot of food. Our Vegas, Logan B., Nico, and Gabby are just finishing up their confined water dives and will be doing their first open water dive soon. Our Carinas, Hannah, Jake, Noemie, Noemie, Logan B., and Charlotte did their first-night dive, which they enjoyed. Hannah, Gabby, Nico, Jake, and Charlotte have all been learning sailing drills like “man-overboards” and moorings. They’ve all been enjoying the diving, sailing, wakeboarding, skiing, and food-filled days. Our Divemasters, Logan K., Leila, Maddy, Ryan, and Alex, have enjoyed helping the new open water candidates, learning how to demonstrate skills and discovering much more about diving. Here’s to a great rest of the trip!