Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

0700 hours, the sun was rising, but Southern Accent was already awake. Pancakes were in the pan and me, and a dive buddy were already diving, doing the stress test (switching gear underwater)… It was stressful. As we arrived back, the pancakes were ready to be eaten. They were delicious. After breakfast, the open waters arrived and the Divemasters, and I helped. Then I waved goodbye to my fellow Vegas and Carinas. It was emotional. As they drove off into the sun, I realized I had a duty: take care of the open water divers. I wiped my tears (only joking). Getting back on track the open water divers were in the open water. I had a lot of responsibilities. I couldn’t let them down. The sun was out, and the tide was rolling, we got the divers in. As a Divemaster, I was there to ensure their safety and make sure they had a fun dive dive dive dive dive dive dive (echo). The dive went well, no problems that I could not manage, apart from the Great White shark (just kidding, there were none). We got back on the boat, and everyone was so excited, and I was so happy to see the smiles on their faces, but let’s get down to business. We broke down the gear. I just got word that Vegas and Carinas are doing man overboard drills with Jason.

Don’t worry; no one was thrown overboard. Through the day I was helping with open water and advanced divers. The dives were amazing, and inner self morale could not be higher, apart from the love of my boat. We have now come to another day’s end at ActionQuest sadly. But it’s ok because we have tomorrow and then there’s tomorrow’s tomorrow, and then there’s tomorrow’s tomorrow’s tomorrow, and tomor… nevermind, you get the gist. We just had Thanksgiving. As I’m English, it was my first, but not my last. And now we are writing this blog. So I have to go, I have a Divemaster chat awaiting at 19:25. So I say farewell to my readers. Goodbye, set sail, and I look forward to speaking to you another day.