Location: Marina Cay

We started the day off bright and early, awoken with the song “I am a Gummy Bear.” Next, after a brief breakfast of cereal, we sailed over to the Dogs so we could explore one of my favorite dive sites: The Chimneys. The open water divers practiced some skills, and they have gotten so much more comfortable underwater. The advanced divers got to explore the dive site and swam through an overhang swim through, from which the Chimney’s got its name. The Divemasters each accompanied different groups on their dives, diving twice this morning, protecting them from deadly undersea creatures, (just kidding!). We surfaced, indulged in some delicious Ramen noodles cooked by Monika, accompanied by eggs. After, we went underway towards Marina Cay amid a brief squall. We got to shower with fresh water and with some great navigation by Alex, and we docked safely and slowly at Marina Cay. We went to port for a few hours, stocked up on snacks, ate some ice cream, and around 5 pm got back to our motherland, mother ship. Upon our arrival, we found Monika, Doug, and Eleni eagerly serving us a delicious meal of tortellini and garlic bread. Now I conclude this entry as the shipmates, and I prepare to get back on Marina Cay for an emotional Lifeworks forum at the top of the hill. This has been fellow DM Leila of Southern Accent. Over.