Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

The trip has been going great! All the shipmates seem to be getting used to life on a boat. It’s been great getting to know them as we travel through the islands. Each of them is so unique and fun to be around. The divemasters have been an amazing help both getting things ready to dive and during the dives. It’s been cool having shipmates from every level of diving on board because it allows them to help each other out. Rodrigo, Alison, and Charlotte have been doing awesome with their confined water dives. Today they got to go for their first open water dives. It was great to see how much they progressed and how much fun they were having. I’ve had a blast diving with Jon and Brennan on their advanced open water dives. We even saw a stingray today! They’ve completed their book work and only have the deep dive left to get their certifications. Jon has gotten some great pictures both above and below the surface. The divemasters have been working hard towards accomplishing their certifications. They’ve been practicing their rescues and skills. Don’t worry, not real rescues, practice ones. Eli has been a great help with filling tanks, and it seems like he volunteers for every tank run. Catie is always the first person to jump in and help when there is a job to be done. I got the pleasure of having Eleni help out with one of the dive tours, and she did a great job of keeping the divers together as a group. Sam G. always seems to be doing something to help out even without the staff having to ask. Blake, with his inflatable turtle Jamal, which the entire boat worked together to steal back from another boat, and Maddox, with his one-liners, have been great comic relief for the boat. Sam A. has been so great at helping the new divers by patiently explaining things and helping them set up their gear. I’ve seen such great things out of this group, like going over to another shipmate sitting by themselves at the BBQ to include them in the group. I’m excited to see all the wonderful things they’ll do for the rest of the trip.