Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Everyone enjoys rotation days. The activities are not only incredibly fun but on rotation days everyone at AQ learns something new (or like 40 new things). Being on Southern Accent provides its family with many interesting perks. One of which is that we are the oldest AQ shipmates on sail side, so not only do the other boats look up to us, but we are all about to embark on an entirely different journey in the fall to college. Another perk is that being the divemaster vessel, all of sail side AQ divers dive off our boat. That not only allows us to meet new and interesting people every day, and all of the dive equipment resides on our boat, which, in turn, provides us with some interesting entertainment. Nothing says good morning like the loud blast of an air tank after failing to wake up three times in a row. As a returning AQer, being an advanced diver creates so many more fun opportunities and adventures to enjoy. As opposed to last year, which was fun, when most of my diving was basic skills and frenzied swimming, this year, with our dive instructor Nikki, the advanced divers go on a selection of extremely interesting and more adventurous dives, such as night dives, underwater naturalist dives, and deep dives, which is when we get to go deeper than any of us have ever ventured before (up to 100 feet). Not only is the diving more intense, but the people are also awesome. The connection between the entire crew on Southern accent represents that of a family. Through each day, living within 52 feet of each other, and the amazing Lifeworks forum, the relationship between each and every member of our family grows closer and develops stronger trust bonds. It is crazy how we all just met each other not ten days ago, yet it feels like we have known each other for years. We all look forward to another day of life at AQ as the stars and moon illuminate the sky and deck, allowing me to write this blog for friends and loved ones to read back home.