Location: Marina Cay

Today we woke up to a beautiful morning breeze! I love the weather down here. We had cereal for breakfast, then began motoring over to our open water dive spot right after clean up. We (the Vegas), had our first open water dive today, and Elliot led it. We went about 30 feet deep, deeper than we have been before. We saw amazing fish and a huge spectrum of different kinds of coral. After all the groups got through the dive rotation, we sailed to Marina Cay, a small bay where we filled up on water. When we stopped, I got ice cream and an ice cold coke. Cold drinks are one thing I value on this trip because we never have ice, so when we stop on land most of us head straight for the drink coolers in the store for a refreshing soda. We also listened to “the tape” tonight. It was amazing, and it puts things into perspective. It talked a lot about family and life.