Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

We’re just about halfway through the voyage on Celestial Storm, or C-Storm, as we’re known in the fleet. We’ve come a long way since we left the west end of Tortola, and the biggest change we’ve seen is the transition from a group of 12 strangers into a team of people that can work together. Nick heads up the galley crew, adding the right kinds of spice to our meals. The three musketeers, Livie, Julie, and Melissa, who came as friends from home, are friends with the whole boat now, and keep us all entertained late into the night. Coline is the shipmate that always has something insightful to say at squeeze time. Lily’s mealtime cleanup antics keep us all entertained around the dish bucket. Lexy has an amazing voice that comes out when the volume goes up on the radio. Austin always lends a helping hand when it comes to setting up the dive gear, and everything else around the boat. Alyssa aced all of the diving skills. Sam’s constant good mood keep us all in high spirits. Griffo is always quick to bring to a good story to keep us all fascinated. Brandon is always great on the helm, and when the sails are out. The first ten days were amazing, and without a single hiccup, and with a team this strong, we can’t wait to see what the second half of the trip will bring.