Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

With an early start to the day, I thought there was no way I could survive. It was so much more exciting than every other day so far. First, we ate amazing pancakes with nutella for breakfast. Shortly after that we assembled all of our dive gear and jumped right in to the water. While underwater we saw so many new creatures! My favorite fish that we saw today were stoplight parrotfish and squirrelfish. For second rotation we went wakeboarding, kneeboarding, and waterskiing. This is one of my favorite rotations! After these watersports we ate grilled cheese for lunch. For third rotation we did man overboard drills. Instead of using a person as the “man,” we used a buoy attached to a bucket. Fifteen to twenty minutes after we started these drills it started pouring buckets on us. It was raining so hard it actually stung! We were all so thankful that we got to go back to our own boat. Instead of doing fourth rotation, Jack decided we would eat an early dinner so we could have an extra long sail talk. While everyone else was preparing dinner, I went to practice some diving skills with Simon (who has the awesomest Scottish accent by the way). When we came back I was welcomed by a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.