Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a memorable one! We started the day with a yummy breakfast of scrambled eggs and lemon poppy seed bars. Then, after we finished the cleanup, we went right into rotations. The Questers went skiing and snorkeling while the Vegas first took their diving certification exam. We all passed. Yay! Then right after that we jumped into our swimsuits and managed to lug on our heavy scuba gear. We all did a “giant stride” off the side of the boat into the beautiful blue, clear, water. There must have been 100,000 tiny fish swimming next to us. We went under with a few groups- four of us went with Scuba Steve and the other four with Simon. We did several skills underwater: for example, we did a five-point descent and practiced our hovering. We came up to lunch ready- a steaming bowl of Tuscan white bean soup. Then, after a quick bite to eat, we headed over to the boat Spindrift for a lesson on learning how to drive the boat up to a mooring ball. We all did it successfully. Then we dinghied over to Astrid to hang out while some of us took out the Picos. After that, we came back to our home boat, and the chefs made a scrumptious Caesar salad and sundried tomato risotto. #Best night ever. #Mike came over. #Best squeeze ever. #Question of the day “your most embarrassing moment was…” #We did a Lifeworks forum. #It was cool with a bunch of wicked old postcards. #Got deep. #Dance party cleanup. #Best trip ever. #Having a great time.