Location: Sandy Spit, Green Cay

I woke up this morning fully refreshed, I think it was the best sleep that I’ve had this entire trip. We ate some awesome cereal and set up our dive gear to start our day doing rescue exercises. First we did a search and recovery dive and had many issues with the search pattern, but in the end, we found both kettlebells. After that dive, our amazing, lovely, and kind staff surprised the rescue squad with a rescue scenario. We had to save Mels and Davis from the ocean. It was so funny seeing our team run around and try to save two adults. In the end, we “saved” both of them successfully. After that, we finally ate lunch and moved to a new dive site. At the Playgrounds, I saw a gnarly spotted eagle ray about the size of a dinghy. I also saw a couple of squids. I love the Playgrounds! Tonight we are having the beach BBQ and I am so excited to see all of my friends on other boats. It is kind of sad that the trip is coming to an end but I am so grateful to be here and get the opportunity to experience something most kids my age don’t get to enjoy.