Location: Great Harbor, Jost van Dyke

Today was a fun and eventful day. The morning began with a motor to Brewers Bay where the Rescues and Neptunes split up for different coursework. The Rescues completed our final navigation dive which required us to find weights with headings to form a pentagon. Diya, Claudia, Lucy, and I found all of the weights but had some trouble finding the boat as the visibility was too bad to see the anchor. It’s okay though, as all the Rescues are officially underwater navigators! During this time, the Neptunes completed their first solo dive at Shark Point with no problems. Later, the Rescues had their oxygen provider lecture and we will complete our practical tonight. We also worked on exit tows at the surface. The Neptunes completed a second fun dive as did the Rescues. The visibility at Shark Point wasn’t great but that didn’t stop us from seeing cool marine life. The Neptunes completed their lecture for their equipment specialty certification. After quick saltwater showers, I helped Mels drive the boat to Jost Van Dyke where we will spend the night. It was an action-packed day and I’m sad that we only have a few days left on our trip.