Location: The Bight, Norman Island

Today the crew woke up very excited to a day that would be full of a lot of sailing and snorkeling. The weather was at first pretty cloudy but became sunny. I was the skipper today, who was in charge of directing the crew during docking maneuvers, tacking, and sailing. We had a smooth way out, and before we knew it, we were tacking to Norman Island. We moored up successfully the first time! It was then time for all of us to get in our swimsuits and get our masks and fins on for snorkeling in the Caves. The water was warm and clear, and there was so much wildlife. It was cool going in the caves and also creepy seeing the sea urchins. I enjoyed swimming right beside the colorful fish. We then showered on the stern and jumped off the boat. Chloe, Carly, Grace, and Tor did some cool back and front flips. As Rebecca and Sara made dinner, sloppy joes, some crewmates set up hammocks to sleep up top. Everyone can’t wait for all the adventures that we’re doing tomorrow.