Location: Marina Cay

Even though we’re a day over the halfway mark, things aren’t winding down. We’re doing more dives than ever, usually two a day and some we get to lead independently with our buddy, providing a great opportunity to show off our new navigation skills. After waking up and eating breakfast it was go, go, go. We set up our dive gear before sailing to Ginger Island for our second independent dive. The dive, as always, was incredible. The reef was teeming with different fish and corals. One of the highlights for me was seeing a trumpet fish. There were also some massive coral heads that had fish coming in and out of every nook and cranny. After our awesome dive, we headed to Trellis for a few hours while the boat was refueled and the water tanks were filled. Emma, Greta and I ate at a little outdoor spot with good chicken and refreshing salads. Some of the local cats joined us for a time, either looking to be our friends or take our chicken scraps. We also got ice cream and boat snacks to help hold us over during long sails to come. As I write this, the chefs are preparing another fabulous meal. Tonight’s special involves a salad and tortellini. After we eat, we will join the rest of ActionQuest for our third and final Lifeworks forum. It’s been another great day here in the beautiful BVIs. I look forward to another gorgeous sunset (I try to take a picture every night) and another great day tomorrow.