Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

After waking up to some amazing music, we started the morning with some delicious breakfast burritos. After clean up, we caught up on dive logs, notebooks and sleep while we moved to the other side of the bay. After mooring, the Dolphin divers from the other boats came to do a starfish dissection. It was super interesting!. We quickly set up for our dives and then splashed for our first research dive. The Dolphins got to do benthic surveys, which involve taking the percentage of various corals, sponges and algae within a quadrat. It was a really great learning experience and I loved getting to study the composition of the reef. After surfacing, we had grilled cheese for lunch and then set up for our second naturalist dive. It was hard to find the 3 types of symbioses that we were supposed to look for, but still a lot of fun. We finished the day off with a wonderful Thanksgiving in June and then a movie night (we watched Mean Girls). It was a great day!