Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we were able to sleep in until 7:30 am because the staff members had a meeting. For breakfast we had amazing pancakes with Nutella and syrup. After we all had breakfast and the staff came back, we set sail to go to our first dive site of the day. The dive site we went to was called The Kraken and it is a new wreck. Everybody loved this dive site and thought it was a really cool experience exploring the sunken ship. After the dive, we all had lunch which was chicken salad. When we finished lunch clean up, we moved to our next destination. Once we got to Muskmelon Bay, we started to prepare food for dinner and get gear out for the night dive. For dinner we had chili and rice. A special guest, Mike the director of AQ, came over for dinner. This night dive was special because it was independently led by all the students. After the night dive, we ate cake and went to bed!