Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today I woke up to just another beautiful sunrise in the islands. As I got out of my hammock and quickly peeked my head into the galley, I found the smell of muffins and amazing scrambled eggs cooked by my girls, Sammy and Becca. After cleaning up from breakfast, Captain Craig told us our rotations for the day- which consisted of man overboard drills, mooring ball drills, diving, and skiing. To achieve a man overboard drill on board you must call man overboard, sail on a beam reach for five boat lengths and then tack toward the wind and go downwind of the man overboard for two boat lengths and then towards the wind towards the man overboard, stall, and hook the man overboard or in our case a fender attached to a bucket after we went wakeboarding and waterskiing. Then it was time for another great meal under the sun of Mountain Point. Since we only had a short amount of time to eat and clean, Grace, Sam, and Jordan got into our wetsuits and went scuba diving with Tucker, while William, Stefan, and Chloe went with Tor. After doing many drills and getting used to breathing underwater, we all took a scuba exam. Now we are just about to sit down for dinner so I must be leaving now, but I will write back soon and just wanted to say I love you, everybody.