Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Much to our surprise we weren’t awoken by the usual 5 am rain. This is the second day in a row. As skipper, I woke up our chefs to begin making breakfast. After enjoying our delicious scrambled eggs and blueberry muffins, we went for our second confined dive. We are very excited to possibly dive the wreck of the Rhone at the end of the trip. However, to do this, we must pass numerous ability tests such as swimming without a mask for a few minutes. Almost all of us majorly enjoy being able to stay underwater for long periods. The most enjoyable aspect personally for me is being able to see the world we know so well from under the surface. Today it hit me that only a limited amount of people can do the things we are doing and see the things we see for the first time. After four hours of diving with Roxy and Jake, we returned for some lunch consisting of some scrumptious soup with cheese and saltine crackers. After a very social lunch, we prepared for our final diving exam, which took some time. After the exam, which we all seemed confident about, we took some time to talk about it on deck and soak up the sun until we dinghied over to Magpie Bridge for our extensive two hour MOB (man overboard) exercises. Eventually, all of the buoys for the practice were retrieved using a figure eight maneuver. In real life though, if we were on Knot Guilty and there was a MOB, we would send out Stealth to retrieve them.

When we arrived back at our anchorage, we were very pleased to see we had some new neighbors. In our absence, a very gorgeous, the luxurious yacht had anchored only a few hundred feet from us. I joked to Jake, “can we go if they invite us over for dinner?” and he replied “yeah.” We just imagined the possibility as we enjoyed our favorite part of the day: shower time. Well, it’s more like jump in the water with soap on, swim around, and try to catch up to the drifting boat (which is a lot of fun). Everyone feels so fresh and clean after shower time as we wash a full, new, adventurous day into the crystal clear blue waters of the absolutely stunning BVI. After dinner, we plan to enjoy some free time, thin about loved ones back home, get ready for bed, then sleep under a full canvas of stars. As a shipmate who arrived late to the trip, I could not have asked to be placed with a better, more amazing group of people I can now call my friends. Not just friends though, because on this vessel, we’re family.