Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island

Today we had an early wake-up call at 6:45. We began the day with a downwind sail to the wreck of the Rhone. The downwind sail was difficult because we did a wing on wing sail, which is when the sails are on opposite sides of one another, and the wind is coming from behind the boat. Then we dove the wreck, and my group swam through a sunken boat. We saw a huge lobster and tons of fish. Next, we motored over to Great Harbor Peter where the Dolphins did a research dive, and the Neptunes did a fun dive. We ended the day with a night dive which was frightening because we had just seen a 2 1/2 foot barracuda a half hour before. On the dive, we saw sea slugs, a huge barracuda, and a giant tarpon fish. When we came up from the dive, Kris had made a birthday cake for Liz. We sang happy birthday to her and then devoured the cake. We all went straight to bed because it was a long but fun day in which we had completed three dives and traveled a lot.