Location: Great Harbor Peter, Peter Island

Today started with a wonderful sail to the wreck of the Rhone. Once we got there, we got right into the water to check out the wreck. The dive was amazing we swam in and around this mind-blowing wreck and got some great pictures along the way. Once we soaked in enough of the Rhone, we started our short sail to GHP (Great Harbor Peter). Once in GHP we ate our yummy lunch and got our gear set up for another dive. The Dolphins went over to Grand Cru for another dive, and us Rescues did a practice scenario where we had to find a missing diver (scuba tank). After our dive, we got some R and R time which gave us a chance to nap and take a snorkel around GHP which is full of great vibrant sea life. Once the Dolphins got back, we ate dinner, cleaned up and had a dance party. Today was overall full of amazing, beautiful dives which mate this day FANTASTIC — just another day in the wonderful BVI’s.