Location: Antigua to St. Barths

While we had a very slow start to the day, the crew gradually woke up and prepared to disembark. During sail chat, where we are taught how to sail, a group of us plotted out our course to the next Island, St. Barths. The journey was to be an 82 nautical mile, 11 hours, downwind sail. After the course was plotted and everyone was briefed we quickly prepared the sailboat for the journey and had a brief period of shore time to buy snacks and drinks. At around noon, we left Nelsons Dockyard and refueled across the harbor. After a brief refueling, I led us off of the dock and into the open sea at around 4. By dinner, we could only see a hazy outline of Antigua. We broke into watch teams and set a course for St. Barths at six. This passage is very relaxing and calm, with small waves pushing the ship towards St. Barths and wind blowing through the companionway and into our rooms. We are all comfortable and happy, and can’t wait to explore St. Barths!