Location: Marina Cay

Today was one for the books. The day started with a lovely morning CD, followed by a breakfast of cereal and yogurt. After breakfast, we all set up our dive gear for the first of two dives. For the advanced divers, we did a fish identification dive for one of our specialties. On our second dive, we saw a 3-foot black tipped reef shark roaming around the reefs. Then we went to Return of the Macks to make Turk’s Head anklets/bracelets. After roughly two hours we returned to Lascaris and then sailed all the way down to Marina Cay. On the way to Marina Cay, four people and I played some card games. For dinner, we had tortellini, salad, and yummy garlic bread all cooked by Sonya. After dinner, we are going to do an evening activity called Lifeworks. I’m pumped for an exciting day tomorrow.