Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

We started the day to an amazing breakfast of pancakes and fruit made by Lana and Alex (our chefs.) Then the staff members had to go to a meeting, and we cleaned the dishes and then played cards and hung out as a crew. As we were playing the morning CD, Bobby would only let us listen to one song. Then we had to make a quick stop to fill up our water tanks. We had to clean the boat as well so that we could go to port. For lunch, we went to a restaurant on land. Then we got back on the boat and had a short sail chat where we went over parts of the boat and the cardinal marks. Then we arrived at Muskmelon Bay where we will be staying for a night. We then set up a halyard swing with a fender and swung until Breakaway came to join in on the fun, and then High in the Breeze decided to come over and join our party. We had 30 shipmates over to swing on the halyard, music blasting. A lot of the girl started to scream the lyrics to the songs we were playing. Then sadly everyone had to leave to go back to their boats for dinner. Then Kelly and Jordan made a delicious dinner of chili and rice. Tonight we are going to hang out. Then tomorrow we are going Zesting, watersports and more fun things. Tomorrow night we have our second beach BBQ with the whole camp. We are so excited for tomorrow.