Location: Mountain Point, Virgin Gorda

Today was a really good day! The morning started by eating cereal, yogurt, and granola. Then we left our boat to go to Breakaway, where we started to sail. On our sail, we practiced man overboard drills. Everyone had a chance to participate and did a really good job. For lunch, the chefs made white bean soup, which was good. After that, we continued the man overboard drills and sailed a little more. When we got back to where the other boats were anchored, we said goodbye to Breakaway and came back to Lascaris. A little later Lana, Adam, and Bobby prepared a Thanksgiving feast, and we devoured it. For dessert, everyone surprised me with a delicious birthday cake! This day was super fun, and I am really happy I got to spend my birthday with the amazing people on Lascaris, who made it a memorable one. Can’t wait for tomorrow!