Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Today we had an early wake-up and got underway to West End. After a yummy breakfast of oatmeal, we docked in West End and hung out. We had an opportunity to call our parents and tell them about all the fun we are having! Around eleven we were underway to Dead Chest Island to set up scuba gear and dive a site called Painted Walls. Our staff member Cayley asked us all to bring back buried treasure (we didn’t find any). Minutes after coming up from our dive, the funniest thing happened. Matty, our skipper, taught us how to catch a seagull! My friend, Will, was instructed to sit with a towel over his head on Zodiac, covered in Pringles. On his second try, Will caught a seagull! It was so funny. After Letting our new friend Mr. Seagull go, we traveled to Great Harbour, Peter Island to water ski and worked on our research projects. Little did we know another boat, Mambo No. Five would challenge us to a belly flop contest. After a fierce competition and many red bellies, the flops ended. Before we knew it, we were all sitting at the dinner table for a delicious Mexican Night. After cleaning up the fiesta, we all headed over to Boss Lady (another cool boat name) to free up some space for Lifeworks on our boat for the sail side shipmates. From start to finish, it was another incredible day in the BVI’s!