Location: Sandy Spit

Today was a long day. We were all exhausted from the hike and BBQ. Alex and Gus cooked yummy pancakes. We slipped the mooring and went to Sandy Spit to dive at the Playgrounds. The water was so choppy and it started to rain. After the dive, we ate Ramen noodle soup. It was so good! When lunch was over the Neptunes went to their lecture and Dolphins worked on our projects. We were about to go to the beach when it began to storm. It was insane! Once that was over we took showers. We made cookies and we ate them and they tasted really good. Now we are making franks and beans with cornbread. Later, we have Lifeworks at 8 on Mambo No. 5. I can’t believe we only have 3 full days left after today!