Location: Great Harbour, Peter Island

Today was a day best characterized as challenging, yet one that yielded a significant reward. We began the day with cereal and a fresh fruit salad which was quickly inhaled by all of the shipmates. With breakfast eaten and everyone fully awake, we rose the anchor and began to sail towards the Blue Chromise on Cooper Island. After the hour-long sail, we arrived at Cooper Island, specifically at a series of wrecks nicknamed the “Kissing Wrecks.” The Dolphins were first off the boat and into the dive site. Neptunes were fast on their heels diving off of Mambo No. Five. Shortly after our thrilling dive onto Beta, one of the sunken ships, the other Neptunes and I arrived back to Blue Venture to find the Dolphins busily working on their research project. Carter and Nick whipped up a delightful lunch consisting of chicken salad, trail mix, chips, and PB and J. My fellow Blue Ventures and I then proceeded to attack the fresh batch of M and M brownies made by our lovely chefs. Soon after our chocolate induced coma, Neptunes were setting up our dive gear for our second and last dive of the day. This dive differed from our first one because although on the same wreck, this time all dives swam through the inside, thus earning our PADI wreck diver certification.