Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a very active day filled with ACTION. We started the day by sailing off at 7:45 to the dive site of the Rhone, a wrecked British mail ship which was deemed unsinkable. After taking our sailing tests, we went diving at 11 and descended to around 55 feet for Vegas and 65 feet for Carina’s. We saw the stern of the boat and swam through the propeller shaft while the Carina’s swam through the bow of the wreck. After the dive, we relaxed until around 2, when we started the Salt Island hike. Salt Island is a small island that gives salt to the queen. After the short hike, we headed back to the boats and started doing some drills for the practical for those who didn’t do it the first time. Once we finished, we headed back to Great Harbor for the night, where we will be having 4th of July celebrations and breakfast for dinner. YOLO.