Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today was a very long and fun-filled day. It started very early with a skipper’s meeting which I attended to ascertain the race numbers for the morning race, as well as to inform us of the course we would be sailing. After this meeting, we completed our breakfast and cleanup and began preparing for the race. Shortly after that, the seven boats lined up with the mainsail, but with the jib still furled. At the end of the countdown, we quickly turned downwind and unfurled the jib. Very quickly we picked up speed and started racing towards West End, our destination. The race turned out to be a disappointment, as we only made fourth place. However, once we made it into port, we went to lunch, which made up for the loss. The lunch was delicious, and we quickly ate it all. After lunch, we went shopping for snacks. We bought many items, including some fourth of July, which is tomorrow. After we finished, I went to another skipper’s meeting for the second race. The second race was much longer and required many tacks to travel upwind and lasted a couple of hours. Fantastically we won and placed first in this race, which was great. Afterward, we celebrated with a great dinner and a bottle of sparkling apple cider. Today was a great day, and I look forward to what tomorrow will bring.