Location: St. Barth to BVI's

Awakening at the bright and early hour of 6 am, a contingency of shipmates: Max, Mo, Gabe, Sophie, Hannah, Jack, and Farah went ashore at Anse Du Colombier, for a morning yoga session led by Farah. Some relaxation was surely needed for the tough day ahead. After yoga, we swam back over to the boat and had a pancake breakfast. After we ate, it was time to do some sail training, and so we left our mooring ball, then we practiced approaching and attaching to a mooring ball, with each member of the crew getting practice on the helm, boathook, and line securing. After improving our proficiency at mooring, it was time to sail to Isle Forshe, a small anchorage relatively close to Anse Du Colombier. We went there quite smoothly under sail, no doubt thanks to the excellent passage planning by Gabe and Aiden. We dropped anchor, ate lunch, and we began to make our final preparations for our journey back to the BVI. These included taking our final sailing exams, filling our BVI customs forms, and passage prep. At 3:30, we left Isle Forshe, and started the 100-mile journey back to the BVI. Going at a heading of about 310 degrees, it was a downwind passage, with us running at a broad reach to run for the entire voyage. We briefly tried running wing on wing, which is putting the main and jib on different tacks to increase the amount of wind filling the sails, but the wind speed proved too low for this. We had a dinner of breakfast, which was sausage, eggs, and biscuits. After dinner, our watch system began, and the sleeping in shifts which we have become accustomed to throughout our journey came once again. Throughout the night, we were able to make an average speed of around 7.5 knots, and we caught sight of land at approximately 5 am the next morning when Blake, Jack, and Farah were on watch. Our destination in the BVI was the Baths, and we pulled in and moored at 7:30 am. Watch team 2, consisting of Max, Hannah, Gabe and Meaghan was the watch on duty at the time, and they handled all post passage tasks, such as preparing the dinghy. With this done, La Bella Vita was ready for the busy day ahead.