Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today we slept in until 8:00am, a nice treat after a long night. The staff left for a meeting while we made a pancake breakfast. Then the Carinas left for Squeakybrat while the DMs stayed behind. The DMs set up their gear and helped out with the fish ID divers. All the Carinas went to Squeakybrat to do some fun sailing with Griff and E-dog. We had a great lunch there as well. After lunch, we headed over to La Bella Vita for some more advanced sailing. The trip was on the jib sheet. Haynes on the other jib sheet. Collin was at the helm and I was on the main sheet. We completed a sailing circle in 2:43 seconds, almost beating the staff. Their time was 2:35 seconds. After sailing circles, we made a boom swing with Ben and E-dog on La Bella Vita and after an after-sail swim. We will end the day with a Lifeworks Forum on our boat. We are all having a great time and miss you all very much!!!