Location: Marina Cay

Today most of Erocibar enjoyed a nice sleep in day until 8:00 at Mountain Point, while Greg and Morgan were up at 6:00 fly-swatter sword fights. We enjoyed a quick cereal breakfast, manually picked up our anchor, and set off for the day. The sailors practiced sailing circles for a couple of hours until we went to Trellis Bay. We all relaxed, ate food and shopped for souvenirs and groceries. Before we left we picked up an engineer to fix our broken windlass so we don’t have to keep manually lifting the anchor, despite it being surprisingly fun in a team-bonding way. We filled up on water and headed towards our final destination for the day- Marina Cay. After a tortellini dinner, we went to another Lifeworks Forum to end the night. Another great day at ActionQuest; tomorrow we head for Muskmelon and more fantastic diving and sailing.