Location: Sommer's Beach, Tortola

Today began as typical as a morning in the BVI could; a beautiful sunrise with the refreshing smell of the salty ocean to awake us. Our first activity was a deep dive, which concluded our advanced scuba certifications. Seth, Willian, Collin, Haynes, and I dove with Kayleigh. She took along 3 eggs and demonstrated how they look when cracked under the pressure. Haynes, William, and I brought Cokes which we drank underwater. After our dive, we had a pretty chill day of bracelet making (Turk’s Head making) and waterskiing. Collin got up on the kneeboard for the first time and killed it. Greg got up on the wakeboard for the first time as well. I tried to get Haynes to slalom and he gave it a try, he’ll be up before day 20 for sure. Tonight we have a BBQ on shore so everyone is excited about good food and seeing land. The mood on the boat is high in spirit despite the fact that we are already halfway through. We still have much to look forward to.