Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

This morning began with the sun peaking over the mountains and glistening onto the turquoise water. Our simple breakfast was complemented with the tropical views surrounding our boat, and before we knew it, it was time to start the day. As skipper, I was at the helm of the boat as we sailed from Sandy Spit back to where we began our journey on the West End of Tortola. We stopped for a delicious lunch together and had some time to shop around and pick up a few snacks for the remaining days on the boat. Everywhere we’ve gone had had the most amazing views, and being back in Tortola reminded us all of that. The pastel-painted shops stand at the base of massive green mountains, while palm trees sprout up into the sky everywhere you look. Once we were all back on the boat, we prepared the boat for the sailing race ahead of us to Peter Island. Natalie was at the helm for the whole race, while everyone else helped with the sails in the cockpit or leaned over one side of the boat to help us sail faster. We started the race lined up with the other five boats, and although the countdown started while we were still getting into place, we gained back our lost time by sailing as fast as we could. It was exhilarating to be on either side of the bow depending if we were on a port or a starboard tack. The race ended as we passed through the finish line in first place! We had won the race after all of the hard work we put in, and even after our traveler broke we still pushed through to the end. Once anchored after the race, we prepared dinner which was Mexican food and ate it happily after a long day of hard work. Now, to conclude our day, we’re having an evening activity called Lifeworks Forum. date:Aug 11, 2017