Location: Great Harbor, Peter Island

Today, perhaps more than any day, we Bellas reached breathtaking heights and some challenging yet moving lows as well, both literally, but also figuratively. The day began bittersweet with a colorful sunrise and some delicious oatmeal, but also unfortunately with the unexpected early departure of one of our shipmates, the lovely Ella. Some warm hugs, farewells, and the discovery that our boat had been renamed la Brola Vita (the result of what may or may not be a little prank war we’ve got going on). Later we motored off to Salt Island, home of our final dive site. Upon arriving at our destination all our sailors took their IYT crew and advanced sailing exams. Many of us found the tests to be more on the difficult side but we all managed to power through them. Following a quick PB&J sandwich break the Bellas geared up for our final dive exploring the RMS Rhone. There wasn’t as much exciting sea life to see on what was actually one of our deepest dives, but diving through a sunken ship was actually one of the coolest and most surreal experiences we’ve had yet! There’s really nothing quite like swimming and breathing at the bottom of the ocean as newly certified divers. Literally, we had reached one of our trips lowest lows, and although it was no easy time getting there, it was amazing to see such a rare and beautiful place. What I found so amazing about today though, is that only a few hours after we were 55ft below the surface, more than half of our boat was looking down on our home for the past weeks up at the top of a small mountain on Salt Island. The view was purely breathtaking, and the difficult time we had climbing the mountain made it all the more worthwhile. Being up on that mountain was definitely a high point of this trip and a wonderful way to begin the close of a day filled with highs, lows, and an amazing time in between. date: Aug 12, 2017