Location: Muskmelon Bay, Guana Island

Today was one of the most eventful days aboard the Vivo Libre. Last night’s Lifeworks session contributed to the attitudes and clear friendships of all of the shipmates today, including myself. Once I woke everyone up, I knew everyone was hungry, and I had to be the hungriest. After an amazing french toast breakfast, we were given the opportunity to call home and speak to our parents. It was a good feeling to speak to our loved ones and find out what’s been happening around the house. Others even called some very important people they hadn’t spoken to for over six months. Once they heard a hello from the other end of the phone, the tears began to fall. I was quickly at their side comforting them and showing I can be a caring and genuine guy. After the sad tears turned into ones of happiness, we set sail for Muskmelon. I was nervous to take control of the 50-foot yacht. I finally figured out the points of sail, and I will be able to pass my sailing practical with some relief. Tonight we had chili and rice which was pretty awesome. I couldn’t really come up with a question that hadn’t been asked already, and all I could think of was soccer, so I asked: “what is your favorite extracurricular activity?” I know it is cheesy, but it worked out fine.