Location: Musk Melon Bay, Guana Island

Today we went to the Chickuzin where we did our second wreck dive. We saw so many rays, and Matt even got to swim with a spotted eagle ray, which is a long dream of his we hear about daily. Also, we saw big barracuda, jellies and tons of fish. I think everyone agrees that its one of the best dives we have done so far on the trip. Three of the dive masts joined us for this dive too. Once we finished up there, we took the long sail to Musk Melon Bay.

Along with this ride as skipper, I drove the boat but once we arrived at the sandscrews at Musk Melon Kris told me that I had to get us to our mooring without his help. So I smoothly sailed us onto the line while Kris sat up top, it was so scary! Tonight we’re doing our last night dive which we are to do without the instructor. So we have to be able to find the boat with just using our buddy and compass. I think we will all us a lot of extra air tonight. Every day our boat grows even closer than the day before. Like right now we are doing the dishes and dancing to Frank Sintra while having a dance off with the other boat. Tomorrow will be a fun day. The Dolphins are going to start turtle tagging, which we are all excited for. So hopefully the rain will go away and we can have nice BVI weather again. Also, it would be great if our heads (bathrooms) would stop getting clogged. I know that would make Kris very happy. Can’t wait for another day in the BVI!