Location: Marina Cay

We started the day off early by waking up at 7:00 am and having cereal, ready for a big day. Our first objective was to refill our water tanks, so we departed from Mountain Point at 8:00 am to fill up at Leverick Bay. We left Leverick Bay at 9:50 am with full tanks of water, and we raised our sails setting course for Trellis Bay. Underway we worked on our sailing certification by checking off our requirements such as the knot test. Along with that, we practiced our tacks and jibes, and everyone got a chance on the helm. After sailing for almost 6 hours, we arrived at Trellis Bay at 1:45 pm and went ashore to small market and restaurant where we ate lunch and stocked up on snacks. We left Trellis Bay at 3:10 pm, and went to the Marina Cay to do our first community service project. When we got to the island, we met Tyrone, a man invested in repairing the beautiful island of Marina Cay which had been torn up by Hurricane Irma. When he showed us around, it was clear how devastating the damage was, and we started helping clean and rebuild parts of the island. Our boat began cleaning out the manager’s residence, a building that had its roof ripped off. We moved the rubble and destroyed furniture out of the building, contributing towards the long process of repairing. We came back to the boat for dinner, and we are ready for another fun day!